Chrome Hearts

Welcome to the wild side of luxury. Founded in 1988 by Richard and Laurie Stark, the Chrome Hearts Sunglasses brand became an immediate trend-setter among celebrities in USA and around the globe as well. The biker-inspired, edgy designs take sunglass craftsmanship to a completely different level. Each Chrome Hearts pair is handcrafted to perfection with extreme attention to detail, which turns manufacturing into a form of art rather than a process. This is what gives Chrome Hearts sunglasses their status as an American luxury brand, one of the most unique and exclusive sunglasses in the market today. Although Chrome Hearts are known for their bold, rocker style, the new collections offer frames that fit a wide variety of tastes. So no matter how conservative or how edgy your style is, be sure that each and every pair of Chrome Hearts' sunglasses is designed to turn heads and amaze. So go ahead, choose your masterpiece. 

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